Letter from ‘The Ferns’ June 2012

With all the rain in April and May the garden is looking very green and lush especially the potatoes. Every year I simply put in old ones that I have saved from last year and also a few potatoes that have sprouted in my veg basket. So I get free, organic potatoes from August to October each year. Result! here is a picture of the potato plot behind the greenhouse. The fig tree on the wall had a bad year last year ( no figs at all), but it looks as though we may have plenty of fruit this year.

I am trialing my hot vegetarian breakfasts  – for example whether to use Linda McCartney/ Cauldron /Quorn sausages. I like the Linda McC in baked pasta dishes because they soften up a bit being cooked in this way, but you cant beat the flavour of Caldron Lincolnshire! They have quite an array of products these days and you  will see them in many top supermarkets.

I have just noticed that Cauldron do a monthly recipe competition – I feel a recipe experiment coming on!

Best wishes to  friends everywhere