Letter from The Ferns Vegetarian bed and breakfast, Shropshire July 2012

Hello everyone, I have been deciding on my final piece of furniture for the main guest bedroom – a wardrobe? Well, in fact I have noticed that when staying at hotels and guesthouses recently, people tend not to have wardrobes anymore – simply somewhere to hang the clothes. So I have bought a smashing 5 peg rail shelf by Tumble Home. It is very similar to an ancient wooden clothes peg that we have in the coachhouse, but a little more refined!

 I have just discovered that a nearby neighbour is producing the ‘Thank Goodness’ range of nut roasts.Yesterday, we tried the ‘Luxury Vegan Nutroast’ , which had a lovely tomato flavour and pieces of chunky nuts in there . Quite often vegetarian food tends to be a bit mushy, but this wasn’t the case. I bought them from Veronas, which is a cafe/restaurant and deli in Lower Bar, Newport. However on the ‘Thank Goodness website http://www.nutroasts.co.uk/ you can find where the nutroasts are stocked all around the country.

 My raspberries are looking really good – I think it’s all the rain!. I have autumn raspberries, but by doing my pruning in a certainly way – I can get early raspberries as well as in the autumn. What I do is, cut half of the canes down to the ground in the winter (this is standard practise for autumn raspberries) but leave the other canes alone, and these produce raspberries from the end of June. I use the raspberries with other fresh fruit, such as my own straberries on a layer of Alpro vanilla soya ‘yoghurt’ and this is always available for guests breakfasts.