August Letter from The Ferns Vegetarian B & B chatting about my fig tree, Continental breakfasts, our new wildlife pond , leaf-cutter bees and my 10% autumn discount



Some of the figs on my tree.

My fig tree is really full of fruit, and I am just starting to pick a few. Fresh figs are always on the breakfast table in season. This is usually August and September; possibly October if it stays warm. I love fresh figs –  they bear no resemblance to dried ones.


Continental breakfasts

I am now offering Continental breakfast for those who would prefer something simpler. All the breakfasts on offer are on my Breakfasts page. Most of the preserves that I serve with both the hot and the Continental breakfasts are home-made by me; so some are quite unusual!

Wildlife in the garden


The new pond being filled

I am quite excited about finally getting a wildlife pond.  Here  we are just filling it. The pond will have NO fish in it – it is intended for frogs, newts, toads or whatever wildlife  chose to use it. There will be some big stones at one end, in case any hedgehogs  fall in! What this space for more news ( P.S. First frog dived in last week  -3 weeks after filling it!)

leaf cutter bee homes

Leaf cutter bee nests

As part of our wild life garden we were thrilled to have three  places where leaf-cutter bees have chosen to create nests. I was amazed to see them taking small chunks of leaves into their nests; never having come across them before. A quick consult in our insect encyclopaedia told us what they were. I could hear them chomping away in the bamboo holes – no quite sure what they were doing! Creating cocoons? Does anyone know?

Special Autumn Offer : For bookings  taken between 24th August –  23rd September

If you book between now and 23rd September and take your break before the end of the year, I will offer you 10% off your Break with me. Please state that you are taking advantage of the ‘Special Autumn Offer’  when you book

What a lovely summer it has been.  Lets hope it continues – my grapes are looking  very good. Something else for my guests to look forward to!

Best wishes