February Letter from ‘The Ferns’ Vegetarian / Vegan B & B, Newport, Shopshire chatting about taste-testing four brands of veggie sausages: Linda McCartney, Cauldron, V Bites and Granose


Earlier in the month  I got a meat-eating friend of mine to taste-test four vegetarian / vegan sausages.    She is a foodie, and her Blog http://gardenteacakesandme.blogspot.co.uk/ is well worth following especially if you love cakes.

So I was more than happy for her to come and do the tasting for me. I know which sausages I like to eat, but had wondered whether other people  might  have different taste buds to mine. The possibility was, that I might be feeding people sausages that didn’t appeal to anyone other than myself! The sausages to be tested were


Linda McCartney Red onion & rosemary sausages

Linda McCartney Red onion & rosemary sausages


V Bite sausages from the V Bites website

V Bites sage & marjoram sausages



Cauldron Lincolnshire


Granose lincolnshire sausage

Granose Lincolnshire sausage

All four types in the pan

All four types in the pan

I put the sausages in two different types of pans, because I know  from experience that the Cauldron  sausages are better in a non-stick pan. So here they are. From the left in the small pan: Cauldron, and  in the main pan – left, Linda McCartney, right V bites, bottom  Granose.

We each tried one of the four sausages, and my friend had a check list for each, which asked her for  appearance, flavours, general comments and a rating. cauldron1

My tester’s comments were

Top score was the Linda McCartney!

She said:  “Slight onion taste, but not overpowering… nice and crispy…. meaty texture.. “did not taste like a cheap processed sausage… Very, very good, would eat again.”

See  http://www.lindamccartneyfoods.co.uk/

Coming in a close second was the Cauldron Lincolnshire.

“Nice & crispy tasting… tastes herby….texture of a meat sausage… very edible, would be nice with toast & fried egg.”

See http://www.cauldronfoods.co.uk/our-range

Third place was Granose Lincolnshire. This is a dried product that has to have water added and shaped into a sausage or pattie .

“Looked nice – homemade …No flavours at all – disappointing… Not a bad texture, not heavy…Disappointing, but looked nice. Potential to be better with extra ingredients”

Fourth place  V Bites Sage & Rosemary”.

” Looks artificial, almost plastic … Very peculiar flavour…crispy on the outside ..but …unpleasant texture”

See http://www.vbitesfoods.com/meat-free/

So there we have it. The sausages that were found the tastiest were Linda McCartney Red & Onion & Rosemary ). This by the way is a fairly new addition to their range, and I, personally, think much better than the old original, although it cost more. The Cauldron Lincolnshire has a very strong herby flavour; which suits me, but perhaps not others.

Before doing this experiment, I hadn’t realised that  Linda McCartney  sausages were vegan; so that’s an extra bonus for my vegan guests.

Since my taster suggested the possibility of adding flavours to the Granose basic  mixture, watch this space.  I shall be experimenting with them. She suggested adding apple or cranberries to them to  flavour them up.  Something for the future!

Since this blog has been an extended taste trial and since, if I don’t get this letter out soon, I shan’t be in February,  the letter ends with many  thanks to my food taster  – and watch this space!