March chatting about ‘All About Newport’ , Omega 3 & Staffs oatcakes

All About Newport

Newport has a new website which aims to promote Newport businesses and tell people what is going on in Newport.

There are lots and lots of things to do during the day- for example, I  do Tai chi and  a painting class. In the evenings there are events at Cosy Hall, Adams Grammar School or you could drive to Shrewsbury, Telford or Wolverhampton. I advertise on this website and offer a 10% discount for people who have the Newport Locality card

The renovations tonewport the town swimming pool have been completed and include a new fitness suite with a ” changing village”, whatever that might be!

Should we eat oily fish for healthy  omega-3 oils?

 Well, according to “Viva” magazine:

  only if you don’t mind getting a good dose of mercury, cadmium and other heavy metals, antibiotics and pesticide residues! Fish also often contain a substantial dose of saturated fats and none of the fish propaganda talks about the fact that the healthy omega-3 it contains are just a tiny fraction of the total fats.

For omega-3 fats you’re much better off with flaxseed, hempseed, walnuts or rapeseed oil – you get all the benefits with no hidden nasties – and there’s no suffering involved.

Staffordshire Oatcakes

This local speciality – totally different to Scottish oatcakes – is something I buy at our local market, and they are always available for my guests.  It is in fact a dying art and there are only a few oatcake makers left in Staffordshire.

Poveys oatcakes

Mr Povey making oatcakes

They look like pancakes, but are much more solid. The ones I buy are  Povey’s and are made in Biddulph, Staffs. Their web address is

It is reassuring to know that they are not just vegetarian but also vegan; consisting of wheat flour, oatmeal, salt, raising agents (yeast and sodium bicarbonate). I serve them with veggie  or vegan cheese, poached egg if required and mushrooms.  The veggie cheese proportions are 2 to 1 : Stilton (made with vegetarian rennet) and Coop Half fat mature cheddar (again with vegetarian rennet). The Stilton give a bite to the taste – it will wake you up!

veggie oatcakes serving

Staffordshire oatcakes for vegetarians


For vegans I use a Cheddar cheese look-alike: Tofutti “Cheddar Style”. This has tofu as its main ingredient, but  am still trying different styles of  vegan cheese to find something even tastier.  Do any of my vegan readers have any different suggestions?

vegan oatcakes

I am looking forward to the  start of the  new Comedy Night at the New Inn, Stafford Road on Thursday  11th April. We also have St George’s Day coming up in Newport – Sat 19th April  – starting with a parade  at 12 noon and the slaying of the dragon soon after.

St George's Day last year

 Also to leave you with a smile on your faces, I found this on the internet   –  images for St Georges Day!!

st george 2Have fun!