May Letter from ‘The Ferns’ chatting about Cosford Air Show, insects and our local baker

Cosford Air Show

In June.there is a mammoth international air show  which takes place about  10 minutes drive away at RAF Cosford

Cosford air show

Cosford Air Show

There is also a free entry museum, which can be visited at any time of the year. Cosford is  special to me because I donated a letter and photo to them about my dad’s cousin, Arthur,  who died in Shropshire in a World War I flying accident, while he was training for the RAF in 1918. His story is recorded with many others in Pancakes and Prangs: Twentieth-century Military Aircraft Accidents in Shropshire” by Thomas Thorne. It makes very sad reading. He was only eighteen and was  trying to learn how to fly planes that had only just been invented.

My dad's cousin Arthur Dunn

My dad’s cousin Arthur Dunn

Our garden is a haven for insects

We have a lot of bumblebees in our garden, some of which is due to the fact that on the  north side of the garden we have a long stone wall running all the way along. We have left the wall in  a sort of rambling state so that it can be a home for insects and bumblebees. Last year we also had  leaf cutter bee, and they raised their baby bees babies in  our two insect  homes . It was fascinating watching them coming and going with their chunks of leaves and then them putting them in  holes. They create a bed of leaves and lay the egg inside, then block up the hole with a leaf door.

Leaf cutter bee  baby homes

Leaf cutter bee baby hom

Our local baker in Newport, Shropshire

I get my bread from a local baker. He has  only three  bakeries, one here and one in Penkridge and one in Stafford. You can see the bread ovens behind the counter, and so you know everything is home made. The smell is lovely!


Jaspers Bakery

Jaspers Bakery

I find that one of the big differences between his  bread and bread from the supermarkets, it that because it is  cooked freshly that morning it stays fresher much longer than supermarket bread, even ones that they say have been baked on the premises. I don’t know what the reason is, but there it is. Lovely bread!

Next month I shall be talking about my Continental breakfast, which up until now I have not had any pictures of on my web site. The continental breakfast is cheaper that the hot cooked breakfast but  gives visitors different options

The weather is lovely at the moment, so lets hope for great weather to come this summer. Yesterday we walked up Caer Caradoc  near Church Stretton. Fantastic views!

Caer Caradoc

Caer caradoc

Best wishes Linda