June Letter from The Ferns chatting about Continental breakfasts, strawberries and our Old Time Fair

Continental Breakfast

Recently, I decided to offer a Continental breakfast for my visitors. As I have a French student staying at present, this is particularly relevant. What should I include?

When we stayed in Copenhagen there were hard-boiled eggs on offer. In Bruges, when we visited, we were treated to a boiling vat into which you could  insert your egg,  You could tailor it  to whatever ‘boil’ you wanted. So there appears to be some flexibility in what I should offer.

Basically the norm I offer is:  fresh fruit, (often  our own organic garden)  dairy or soya yoghurt, cereals ( including  my homemade vegan granola), cheeses,  continental pastries…


An array of goodies!

An array of goodies!

Jams – are always homemade! A variety of fresh breads from our local baker – Mr Jasper and toast of any of these – to order.

A variety of breads

a variety of breads

Plus coffee, de-caff if required and a variety of teas. And of course the hard-boiled eggs!


We have started picking our strawberries and the other day I was thinking about  why there are gadgets to  de-hull strawberries!  A waste of money. I think this is probably only necessary with supermarket strawberries which are usually not ripe.  I just twist the leaves off the fruit. No need for any mechanical devices!


Old Time Fair

Every year Newport has both a carnival and a Victorian Fair in June. The carnival  has been and  and we had a lovely day for it. Next Friday is the Old Time Fair which takes place on one of our cobbled streets. I shall be helping at the History Society Stall in my Victorian costume. Here we are metal detecting for old coins with the kids. Great fun!  Me hidden by large straw hat!

old time fair


old town fair 2

Here is the town crier and the maor and his entourage! Oooh – classy!

Lets hope for fine weather!

All the best Linda @theferns