October Letter from The Ferns chatting about Oatly Creamy, newly decorated breakfast room and buying new antique cups

Oatly ‘Creamy Oat’

I was asked to review some ‘Oatly’ products recently.  Those of you who read my last two letters, will know that ‘Oatly’ comes from Sweden and the drinks are based on organic oats. This month I am tasting  ‘Oatly Creamy Oat’ – well husband as well.

The packet - nice and distinctive

The packet – nice and distinctive

It has a creamy taste, with a very slight oat flavour. It was very pleasant and ,for  people who have allergies to milk or do not wish to support the dairy  and meat industry by buying their products, it  is an excellent alternative.

It’s also useful to have something like this in the kitchen cupboard for the odd occasion when ‘cream’ is needed as it has a long shelf life.

Pouring out

Pouring out

Unfortunately I don’t have any images of  us consuming the fruit and ‘cream’, but it was very good!

N.B. – ‘Oatly’ provided me with vouchers for the purposes of this review, all opinions expressed are my own though.  I reviewed Organic Oatly in my August letter and  Chocolate Oatly in my  September  letter.

Breakfast room


View from the front of the breakfast room

We have moved our visitors into our new breakfast room. We have always called it  ‘the Snug’ because, when we moved here with our two teenage boys, the idea was that we would have a quiet room for chilling out. It never happened!.

They have now moved on and we decided that for breakfasts the ‘Snug’ is much lighter room than the one we used to use (the old kitchen). Recently we had the whole room decorated, and moved white furniture in.




The old oak furniture has been replaced by white. The walls are  Dulux ‘Hint of Blossom’ (a very pale pink), which we also have in the hall, staircase and landing.


The table set for breakfast


Antique cups from Newport Market!

For quite a while I have been trying to find some way of serving my preserves. A week or two back I found two lovely antique cups at Newport Market. To be honest they probably aren’t antiques, but they look very old-fashioned.


As soon as I saw the label at the bottom: ‘The Attingham Collection’, I thought they must be modelled on tea cups at Attingham Hall, nearby.




Attingham Hall, Shropshire

Attingham Hall, Shropshire


However – they are made in China! What a disappointment. However they are lovely!



That’s all for this month!


One of my friends is  creating some some vegan biscuits for me, and I shall be trying them out in a few days. Yummy!I shall report on them in my next letter!

Best Wishes to all my readers,