December letter from ‘The Ferns’ Veggie B & B chatting about Creative Nature’ superfood bars, Christmas refrigerator cake and carolling in Newport, Shropshire

‘Creative Nature’ superfood snack bars

I have recently been asked to review some snack bars, created and made by an English company called ‘Creative Nature’ which is based in Surrey. The company was created by people wanted to promote good health and respect for the environment, and also increase awareness of environmental, social and health issues. 




The company is super-keen on super foods.    All of these bars  are made from pure, raw unprocessed natural products.. and include lots of superfoods:  such as goji berries, apricots, cacao, oats and papaya

The ingredients are the highest quality, and also sustainably farmed and  ethically traded.

So what did they taste like?

untitled2First off – the Tropical fruit bar totally delicious – all the tropical fruits merging together – with a slight crunch from the coconut and  a  great ginger taste complimenting the tropical fruits. A lovely bar although my sister did think the colour of the bar did not do justice to the  beautiful flavours.

The ‘Sublime seed’ unfortunately had dates in it, which is – apart from meat- the only other thing which I don’t like! However, Mike finished off the bar with gusto and  said that it was “very substantial” and that it filled him up “more than a Snickers bar” This a lot of protein in it – 6.5gm protein for just a 38 gm bar.

The ‘Blissful Berry’ was also more my cup of tea. It was very apricoty and very fruity with cranberries, pineapple and goji berries.

The ‘Heavenly Cacao’ bar was great too – chocolate but not too sweet.  This had dates in, but not so many, so that I didn’t notice them!

I also noticed that  although the packaging looks like plastic, it is 100% recyclable.

So how do you get hold of these little gems, I hear you asking me? Well obviously straight from the company using these web site:

or there are a lot of stockists in London, but for us in the Midlands the stockists are fewer:  Cheltenham, Manchester, Moseley (Birmingham), Solihull, Stratford-on-Avon.

I am always looking for alternatives for my vegan guests and shall buy some when I am visiting my son in Ealing, as there is a stockist there!

Well done ‘Creative nature’ a lovely products and  crammed full of super-foods !


Refrigerator cake



Here is a very simple recipe for Christmas easily adapted for people who dont eat dairy


200gm dark or milk chocolate               200gm butter or margarine

1 tablespoon golden or maple  syrup        1 tbps cocoa

20 digestive or rich tea biscuits

Various dried fruits: apricots, cherries, goji berries, cranberries, sultanas

Various nuts: brazils, pistachio, almonds


1. Melt the chocolate, syrup, and butter/marg  together on a low heat.

2. Crush the biscuits using plastic bag and a rolling-pin.

3. Add biscuits to the  liquid, and spoon into a tray about 20cm square, lined with greaseproof paper

4. Add as many dried fruits and nuts as you wish to the top while it is still soft. Put in fridge

5. Cool and enjoy with a cup of tea or glass of hot punch

 Carolling in Newport


Yesterday evening I was carolling with Newport Rotary along Newport High Street. What fun! It was lovely walking along the High Street with the lights all on, and the church, below, looked lovely. It felt really Christmassy!


St Nicholas church, Newport








Last week we came back from a Cuban holiday – I think we must have done out bit for international relations because, would you believe, Cuba and the USA are now talking .  Last week we were drinking mojitos – see below


The first stage -the mint is crushed with the sugar

Now I am  preparing to make my warm wassail punch for the family!









To conclude:

                 To quote Tiny Tim, “God bless us everyone!”

imagesCAA4D6IBHappy Christmas from The Ferns!