May Letter from ‘The Ferns’ Veggie B & B chatting about pesto, Cosford Air Show and the garden

Pesto – Free From


Amazing vegetarian and vegan pesto!

I noticed that Waitrose are stocking a basil pesto without parmesan. The problem that veggies have with pesto is that it normally has Parmesan in it, which is made with animal rennet from calves stomachs. Occasionally you can find  Parmesan / hard cheese that  are made with vegetable rennet, but not very often, and  pretty much impossible to find Pesto with veggie parmesan. Parmesan tends to come from Italy where it is made using old-fashioned traditional recipes hence the animal rennet. However, this particular Sacla pesto, which is made in Italy, has no parmesan in it; in fact no wheat, no gluten, no dairy, It has tofu in it, but the flavour is amazing. You would never know that it has no Parmesan in it. I know will always use it from now on.


Sacla with pasta and broccoli. So tasty!

Cosford Air Show

We are all getting into gear here for Cosford International Air Show.  It is about 10 minute drive from us, and is a fantastic day out. A lot depends on the weather though; the skies need to be pretty clear in order to see all the maneuverings of the planes, but there also huge display at the air base.cosfod

cosford2It always ends with the Red Arrows performing. The event is Sunday 14th June

The  garden

The garden looks great at this time of the year. Here is the Clematis montana rambling over the coach house.

clematisI have many seedling and cuttings  on dad’s old ladder. The ladder got left in mum’s garage, and no-one wanted it because it is so heavy. So I brought it back to the garden, and am using it for  cuttings. It needs a coat of paint to make it a bit  smarter looking.  I will take a photo of it when painted. The only problem is that when I am watering the cuttings, it is too heavy to lift the watering can to the top of the ladder! I am having to put  drought resistant plants at the top.

DSCF5753Yes, it looks a bit tatty at the moment, but I shall do a ‘before’ and ‘after’ image –  maybe  in next month’s letter when its painted

Best wishes, Linda