June letter from The Ferns Veggie B & B chatting about mushrooms, garden step ladder, Staffordshire Peaks and #2minutebeachclean

Just Add Mushrooms

I found a great web site which gives all sorts of ideas for serving mushrooms in new ways.http://www.justaddmushrooms.com/

I shall be trying out some new ways of serving mushrooms this summer for my B & B guests.

My mum would serve stewed mushrooms on toast. I am quite adventurous these days, but I do have a really good encyclopaedia of mushrooms  – Roger Phillips ” Mushrooms and other fungi of Great Britain & Europe” ( this is full colour) which you do need if you are going out on your own finding fungi. I always check the encyclopaedia and also advise, “if in doubt,  never eat”. Can I just say that I never give my B & B guests  wild fungi!


St Georges Day Mushrooms

I pick St Georges day mushrooms in  the spring (always around 23rd April),  the Prince   and blewitts in the summer and  autumn plus  a variety of other mushrooms .  I know where I  found them before and will look again each year. Sometimes I wont find them again next year – you never know when they will come up again.


                 The Prince

The web site, above, has recipes for meat eaters and veggies. The website is funded by the European Union – presumably because mushrooms are so healthy . There is a section on veggie recipes


The web site is very informative. It says, “With no fat, hardly any calories and a very low Glycaemic Index (GI) mushrooms are a great choice for when you’re watching your weight. In fact, to get a GI measurement in mushrooms you would need to eat 1.2kg in less than 10 minutes! And because they contain dietary fibre they leave you feeling more satisfied, so you won’t be hungry again as quickly. Scientific research shows that mushrooms satisfy you more than fruit and vegetables which means less snacking between meals.”

Step ladders

You remember my dad’s ladder which decided to use for storing my cuttings?





Well, I have now painted it.   I think it is much improved!

The Staffordshire Peaks and Moorlands

We are only 1 mile from the Staffordshire border. An old railway track links us to Stafford if we want sometimes to walk or cycle from here.

We also go for hikes into Staffordshire driving there in the car. Half an hour  takes us to Stone and then another half an hour to Leek and the Roaches.The Roaches is the name given to a prominent rocky ridge situated above Leek and Tittesworth Reservoir.  The ridge with its spectacular rock formations rises steeply to 505 m.

the roachesToday we did a walk round Tittesworth Lake and dam.  An easy walk with a proper path.


A  4.5 mile walk round the reservoir and tea & cake at the cafe. Great trip out! We are so lucky to have such lovely countryside on the doorstep.


The web site is http://www.stwater.co.uk/leisure-and-learning/reservoir-locations/tittesworth-water/


Whilst  watching BBC Springwatch recently, we saw a  surfer who, every time he went down to the beach to surf, decided he would spend 2 minutes tidying a little bit of the beach. This has become a phenomenon and many people are now following suit. I went to Borth, mid Wales, recently and my sister, my husband  and I did a two minute beach clean. Between us we picked half a bag of rubbish.  90% of it was plastic string and plastic rope.

2 minute beach clean#2minutebeachclean For more information  see Twitter and  Facebook. If we all do our bit, we can make a difference!

Well what an eclectic letter this month has been.

Best wishes to all,  Linda