July letter from ‘The Ferns’ Veggie B & B chatting about Marmite & tahini on toast, raspberries and Newport’s Information Centre

Marmite + tahini on toast

This is something that I  always have together on toast and is on the table for my  B & B guests.

DSCF5812I can’t remember when I got the idea from, but what  decided me was the fact that tahini is  made 100% from sesame seeds and these are full of calcium.  Women have to be prepared to boost their calcium intake throughout their lives, and this is an unusual and interesting source of calcium that many people do not know exists.

A little bit about sesame seeds: it is one of the first oil seeds known to humankind. Sesame are an important sources of  omega-6 fatty acids,  anti-oxidants, vitamins,  minerals. Not just calcium, as I mentioned before, but also iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and copper  I read on the internet that many of these minerals have a vital role in bone mineralization and red blood cell production. So it’s an all round great product!


When I bought my last jar from Waitrose, the cashier asked me what tahini was?   I mentioned  that I have it on toast with Marmite and that it is in humus, but she had never heard of humus  – never mind tahini.

How do I serve my tahini and Marmite? I spread the tahini on first – with or without marg/butter. This depends on how oily the tahini is. At the top of the jar it is quite oily, but down at the bottom the tahini gets  dry. After the tahini I spread Marmite on top. You can mix them about a bit. with your knife.  The tahini has a savoury flavour which goes very well with the Marmite.

Here is a link to the BBC and their explanation of tahini and some recipes


Just think of all that powerful stuff spread on your toast!


I keep going on about my lovely raspberries. For those of you not in the know, my raspberries are Autumn fruiting, so why,  you  are probably saying, are my autumn raspberries fruiting now? DSCF5822

The reason is that I cut down the canes  – as you would expect to do for autumn fruiting to the ground every winter, but I only cut down half the row ( well – to about 10cm ( 3″) These you can see on the right of the picture.They are growing strongly but not yet in flower.   The half on the left of the picture – now with fruit on  – have been left alone. These are now an early crop, and I am just starting to pick them.


Mind you the baby blackbirds love the early raspberries it’s an easy crop for them  to pick at when they have just fledged.

Tourist Information in Newport

3 High St

The Guildhall Tearoom & Information Centre

We now have a full time  Information Centre here in Newport. It is house in part of Newport’s Guildhall complex. Included at no 3 High Street is a tea room (open Monday to Saturday), a craft shop and Heritage displays.

The left hand part of The Guildhall is going to be open to the public on Saturday  12th September as part of heritage open Weekends. The event is organised by English Heritage to show members of the public  buildings that are never normally seen. Newport History Society and the Town Council are making the Guildhall available on that day and you can see behind the scenes. This will be in my August letter, but make a note of the date!

Have a wonderful summer

All the best Linda