February 2016 Letter from ‘The Ferns’ veggie B & B chatting about Nadyia Hussain, luxury nutroasts and hedgehogs

 Nadiya Hussain

Newport is very fortunate in having Nadiya Hussain  – the winner of Great British Bake Off 2015  – come to the Newport Show on Saturday 9th July.


The mum of three will be giving cookery demonstrations, talking about the competition and how it has changed her life. Newport Show takes places in the lovely setting of Chetwynd Deer Park and lake, about 1 mile outside Newport town centre. For visitors to my B & B it would be a half hour’s walk or you could drive there.

deer prk

Chetwynd Deer Park

deer park4

Newport Show

I watched all  of the episodes, and  was surprised at her  new ideas about  unusual flavours for desserts and cakes. Ditto Tamal – another contestant. It was interesting to see Paul Hollywood, taste, think about it, and in a rather surprised way, say, ” That really works!”

Thank Goodness Luxury Nut roast

luxury-handmade-nutroast-smallI am working my way through the range of the ‘Thank Goodness’ company; a business run from my town (Newport Shropshire). Bernadette who runs the business is not a vegetarian but her partner is, and so it came about that this lovely range of products happened through catering for two different styles of eating. Not only are they very good for you, but, in addition, it makes easier the vegan/ veggie in a  family of meat eaters.

veggie nutroast1The cook in a family of meat eaters might wonder what to give the veggie to eat, but here is your answer. It  would fit in with the meat and two veg brigade and you simply put in in the oven. So in December we tried the vegan nut roast which was excellent. This month we have tasted the Luxury Vegetarian Nutroast.

veggie nutroast2

Both equally as good. To be honest the taste was just as flavoursome, that I personally couldnt tell the difference between the  veggie and the vegan. (Notice the home-grown ‘Pink Fir Apple’ potatoes!) The taste was excellent, and the  cranberries really give the nutroast and kick. The ingredients include:  Onions, wholemeal bread, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, cashew nuts, eggs, courgettes, mushrooms, cranberries, quinoa, cheese, gram flour, tomato puree, garlic, yeast extract, sunflower oil, rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper .  Bernadette has really done a lots of research into getting a product that is tasty and nutritious.  At the moment I buy my ‘Thank Goodness’ nutroasts from the Greenfields Farm Shop Donnington, but the website has  other sources.  I can see that Bridgnorth and Shrewsbury are on the list, but there are shops all around the country.



Hedgehog in our garden

I try to  be hedgehog friendly and so when  the web site Hedgehog Street contained  a petition to help give hedgehogs more legal protection, I jumped at the chance of signing. The petition is here


MP Oliver Colville on 12th February said the aim is to increase the legal protection offered to hedgehogs (specifically through including them on  schedule 5of the Wildlife and Countryside Act) and also to raise awareness about the Hedgehog Street  web site

The hedgehog is currently listed on schedule 6 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Adding it to schedule 5 will confer more protection to hedgehog habitat. The most direct benefit of this will probably be that developers will have to consider hedgehogs when they build.They need 100 thousand signatures by August 11th to ensure this is discussed in Parliament. At the moment there are about 18,000.

When you sign the e-petition, you will find that an email comes back to your Inbox, and you will then have to confirm who you are etc. Go on – do your bit and also look at the web site to see how you can help in other ways.

Best wishes to you all,  Linda