May Letter from ‘The Ferns’ veggie B & B chatting about Marmite, ‘Thank Goodness’ Chilli senza carne’ and local wildlife



I see that Marmite has been given a Royal warrant. About time! The famous savoury ingredient has been made from the same ingredients – brewer’s yeast, salt, spices and celery since 1902. In 2007  a Guiness flavoured Marmite was launched and  later a champagne flavour for Valentine’s day  There are lots of famous people who enjoy Marmite but the person who said ” I’d do anything for my children except have a Marmite sandwich” must be mad. It was Madonna

This is my favourite Marmite picture


The lovely Alan Rickman

Marmite is always on my breakfast table

‘Thank Goodness’ Chilli

I have been working my way through  the ‘Thank Goodness’ range, and today I came come to the wonderful Chilli (full title Chilli Senza Carne i.e. ‘without meat’). A wonderful product – tasty, hot, looks good with its shades of red colours.  The ingredients are all natural (no E numbers) I really love this chilli. So easy to defrost and cook  – all in the microwave.

Bernadette told me of a meat eater who said that she”never really liked meat chilli until this one, and that is because of the textures”.  I agree.chill packet

chilli plated up

I served it with brown rice,  rocket from the garden and some Alpro yoghurt

eating chilli

Here’s Mike tucking in. It’s interesting   that  there are many veggie chillis around at restaurants, but most have Quorn mince and /or soya mince as well as the beans, but this recipe – perhaps because Bernie has put in chunky vegetables, green lentils and brown rice into the recipe, the textures are more interesting than it just being red beans.  Of course, the fact that there are other grains and pulses added, makes the protein content higher.

I found the chilli fairly hot,  and was glad to have the yoghurt with it.However,  let’s face it, if you buy a chilli, you really dont want to be disappointed by it being a bit gentle! Bernie  told me that  she  always has the rice,  yoghurt and  salad with it, so that, if people find a chilli too hot, they can temper it with these cooling sides.

As before the chilli is available all around the country – see her stockists  and, of course, at the Greenfields Farm Shop, Donnington, which is where I get mine.

 Wildlife round about here

And lastly  the local wildlife. We do a lot of walking so here are few local shots.

The bluebells nearby at the Aqualate Woods, which Mike took a photo of last week, were wonderful. Those colours are amazing.

bluebells aqualate


Signets (9) and  a heron photographed on the canal today. The heron, below, is getting particularly brave – just beyond someone’s garden.

heronWe always have two  families of swans; one on the east end and one the west end of the canal so during the summer months they are a great source of enjoyment

and finally,

especially for viewers who are family and friends, here are three photos relating to our younger son’s marriage last week: Richard married Hannah

Left R & H.       Right top me with my brother and sister  R bottom me throwing confetti

Have a lovely summer everyone