March Letter from ‘The Ferns’ B & B chatting about peaches, O’Joy in Shrewsbury and my granola recipe


We have a peach tree growing on our south wall. It is only a small tree, but when  the fruits are ripe,  my B & b visitors may be lucky enough to have peaches for breakfast.

Lovely peaches from our garden

 We do have a lot of leaf curl on it.  Mike read  in a gardening magazine – that if the tree was covered in the spring, it might prevent the leaf curl. Apparently the spring rains stir up the fungus and infects the new leaves.

peach tree

peach tree2

So we have covered it with a plastic sheet. We do try to be organic and try alternative  methods rather than fungicides.  It will be interesting to see whether this ploy works! Watch this space.

 O ‘ Joy Bistro, 81 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury

Last week we went into Shrewsbury on the bus. A nice ride via the villages of Edgmond and Tibberton and over Haughmond Hill into Shrewsbury This was a recce for a history society summer trip to St Marys church, but we decided to take in the  relatively new O’Joy vegan bistro. This bistro is partly owned by Nick Knowles of DIY SOS. See below owners Becky and Nick.

Becky and Nick at relaunch night, Feb 2016

It is open Monday — Thursday 9am — 4pm.

Friday — Saturday 9am – 5pm then 6pm — 9pm

Sunday 10am — 4pm

Mike had the ‘burger of the day’ –  Beetroot and Barley with a great kimchi (pickled cabbage)  and sweet potato chips.


Looks like someone’s tongue is hanging out of it!

Mike chose this, but didn’t find it flavoursome enough for him except the  kimchi. However, it wasnt the regular burger, so we shall have to go again and try the regular burger. I had the  chickpea & beetroot pasta with rocket and cashew pesto and garlic bread. Looked like home-made pasta. This was very tasty and filling. My garlic bread and Mike’s roll were obviously made locally and were beautiful.


The ambiance of the bistro was smart. There were a variety of wines and bottled beers – most of them quite unusual  – mostly organic.

We enjoyed  being able to go into a bistro that was right in the town centre – no  out-of-town or down an alleyway, which is often the case with veggie or vegan restaurants.


Looking out to the front of the bistro

And so nice to be able to recommend this to my vegan B & B’ rs, for whom the Newport  area is a bit of a waste land…


My Granola recipe

Quite a few people have asked me about my  maple syrup granola recipe,

Lindas granola

So I am now selling my granola recipe to  B & B visitors. These will be on the fireplace in the breakfast room. I shall be selling the recipes for  Newport History Society, who are in dire need of funds!


Well the weather  here is cold and windy, but the bulbs are flowering and so is the peach. The sparows are nesting in the roof next to our house and it is interesting to watch them making their nest, so it must be spring!

Best wishes