March Letter from ‘The Ferns’ veggie B & B chatting about Newport Show, snow & babies and St George’s Day

Newport Show

Well after my much vaunted  talk of #GBBO star Liam coming to the show, he has had to cry off. So we now have Steven Carter- Bailey one of finalists of the  2017 Bake Off instead.  He was a very good contender and had some amazingly complicated cakes. He will be giving two x 45 minute presentations in the food theatre.  This will be on July 14th.

steve c b

#GBBO’s Steven Carter-Bailey

He was taught to bake by him mother ( hurray). He tweets @SpongeCakeSqTin.

I have been watching the Great Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off which had been   Nick Hewer from Countdown was truly abysmal – but terribly sad too.


Snow and babies

I don’t know what it is about Fletcher babies. Our eldest was born at the end of 1981 and for the first six weeks of his life, the world was white. This was the time when Newport’s Harper Adams College recorded the lowest event temperature in England. Now our grandchild has come into the world with the mini ‘ Beast from the East’  winter storm. Abraham arrived on a stormy night of 17th March.  It will be a bit of a rude awakening going out in these very cold winds. This is what it looks like in Newport.

black birds nesting

Blackbirds are nesting in the top left hand corner of an ivy. Oh dear!


snow garden

The back garden on Sunday

gritting 2

Here’s me doing my bit for  Newport’s pavements. Clearing the snow is  pretty much a waste of time, but the grit is excellent for clearing the pavements and  keeping them clear. I feel a bit conspicuous doing this, but I think to myself, that I am doing this, not just for pedestrians in general, but for me as well. I have to be very careful about not breaking any more bones.

Here’s our new grandson Abraham



abraham 2

with accessories knitted by  Great Auntie Pam!


St George’s Day 

We are looking forward to Newport’s St Georges Day again. The re-enactment will take place on 21st April, which is the nearest Saturday to St George’s Day on 23rd. Newport has its own Victorian St George & the Dragon mummers play, which doesn’t get a run out as much as it should.

The  play that will be happening this year is  a version really for the children.


but good fun for all!

A local  historian and folklorist wrote down the mummers play in the 1880s ( Charlotte Burne) and also the costumes were recorded by her friend for a Folk Lore CongressN004433

A bit different to todays offering!

Today in the first day of spring hurrah!! Linda