About me

I am am vegetarian, but don’t worry, I don’t tend to mention it to my guests unless they want to talk about it.  I have been a vegetarian for 46 years. I love cooking and so there will always be some experimentation with the menus on offer. My monthly blog will tell you  about all the trialling of recipes and how my  garden is getting on.  You can get a regular instalment of my monthly  Blog by adding your email address  to my blog  section or by following me on Twitter @thefernslinda.

All four types in the pan

Reviewing  four types of veggie sausages

I am concerned with compassion for all animals  ( I support the Aspinall Foundation and its work with the conservation of great apes) and environmental issues (I have recently been trying to save a local frog pond from  being built over in a possible new Sainsburys superstore  in Newport).


Russet and Cox apples

I love gardening and  all the meals on offer will use some of the vegetables and fruit from our organic garden. We have apples, pears, figs, peaches, rhubarb, raspberries, gooseberries,and strawberries on the menu at different times of the year. I try to shop locally. This not only supports my local High Street but also cuts down on my carbon footprint.

By profession I was a museum curator. I am now  the archivist for our local history society,  and am very much involved with the history of the town and saving what we can of our heritage assets.

 Best wishes, Linda