May Letter from The Ferns veggie B & B chatting about Marmite (again), tomatoes and Newport Show


I am a big fan of Marmite. It has lots of  vitamins and minerals in it. It also tastes brilliant My sister and I stayed at Barmouth, Wales  last week at a self-catering flat and when we  sat down for our breakfasts, what became immediately obvious…… can you see it? or them?


Would you believe it –  we had both brought our own Marmite. How often do you see two Marmite jars on one  breakfast table! I think I shall have to Tweet to Marmite and publicise it some how. It’s not a particularly good photo I took it with my phone on the spur of the moment.


We always have our own tomatoes  available for guests breakfasts. You can see that the greenhouse is full of tomatoes at the moment.

tomatoes may 2017

Some are in the ground, some are in pots. Bottom right – rocket, which provides us with well, yes, rocket, for all of the summer. The planting trays on the left are tagetes and I always plant tagetes between the tomatoes because they ward off whitefly, which I have had a lot of in the past.

I bought a galvanised watering can about ten years ago thinking that it would see me out, but it now leaks. You would think that some thing like this would last forever,.I keep trying to mend it will paint and gunk.

Newport Show and the Great British Bake Off

Hot on the tail of the winning Nadiya of series 6  of the Great British Bake Off, who came to the Newport Show not long ago. We now have Candice Brown coming again to the Show on Saturday July 8th .  


She was taught to bake by her nan, and strives to emulate her bakes aiming to be “even half the lady she was.” She loves everything vintage and though she usually bakes in her PJs, she has been known to break in a new pair of heels whilst baking too.

Probably be best to prepare her wellies though.

deer park 2


The show is set on a lovely piece of land – a deer park on the edge of Newport with an escarpment for views  at the top and a lake at the bottom. its not all just farming, there’s lots to see and do for everyone. From here, the walk would be about half an hour through the town. A great day out!

Have a lovely summer,   Linda





February 2016 Letter from ‘The Ferns’ veggie B & B chatting about Nadyia Hussain, luxury nutroasts and hedgehogs

 Nadiya Hussain

Newport is very fortunate in having Nadiya Hussain  – the winner of Great British Bake Off 2015  – come to the Newport Show on Saturday 9th July.


The mum of three will be giving cookery demonstrations, talking about the competition and how it has changed her life. Newport Show takes places in the lovely setting of Chetwynd Deer Park and lake, about 1 mile outside Newport town centre. For visitors to my B & B it would be a half hour’s walk or you could drive there.

deer prk

Chetwynd Deer Park

deer park4

Newport Show

I watched all  of the episodes, and  was surprised at her  new ideas about  unusual flavours for desserts and cakes. Ditto Tamal – another contestant. It was interesting to see Paul Hollywood, taste, think about it, and in a rather surprised way, say, ” That really works!”

Thank Goodness Luxury Nut roast

luxury-handmade-nutroast-smallI am working my way through the range of the ‘Thank Goodness’ company; a business run from my town (Newport Shropshire). Bernadette who runs the business is not a vegetarian but her partner is, and so it came about that this lovely range of products happened through catering for two different styles of eating. Not only are they very good for you, but, in addition, it makes easier the vegan/ veggie in a  family of meat eaters.

veggie nutroast1The cook in a family of meat eaters might wonder what to give the veggie to eat, but here is your answer. It  would fit in with the meat and two veg brigade and you simply put in in the oven. So in December we tried the vegan nut roast which was excellent. This month we have tasted the Luxury Vegetarian Nutroast.

veggie nutroast2 Continue reading